To start playing golf

Corso di golf

The most difficult obstacle to overcome in order to start playing golf is the preconceived notion that it is an exclusive sport, difficult and expensive.

Once the golf was indeed an adventure for a few with high-cost. Today, golf is no more like that, both for the substance of the Golf Federation, which for some years has embarked on a path of development and promotion, and some entrepreneurs, who have made ​​appropriate structures open to all.

To begin with it is advisable that the first experiences must be under the guidance of a teacher to acquire the basics needed to pull the first shots.

The necessary equipment is provided by the teacher or by the club without having to worry about anything. Even for clothing at the beginning there are no special requirements, it is enough to have a pair of comfortable pants, a polo shirt and a pair of lace-up shoes, even sneakers.

Our club with SCOPRI IL GOLF offers lessons taught by our professional instructors to start playing, structured in packages of 5 or 10 lessons that provide the theoretical basis and techniques necessary to play Golf.

Campo Pratica
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